Allen West Says Justice System Worked So Stop All The Fuss About Walter Scott Killing

Former Florida Congressman Allen West wasted no time weighing in on the police officer execution of African-American Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina. Of course unlike most African-Americans, West is not as outraged by the shooting itself, as he is by the media drawing attention to the killing. West’s blog entry on his web page for April 9, 2015 begins with the sentence:

You just have to wonder how long the media and black activists will try and milk this one in a case where the justice system clearly worked.

His takeaway from the whole brutal incident is “the justice system clearly worked”.

Of course, West overlooks the fact that had it not been for a brave bystander surreptitiously capturing the incident on cell phone video, the system wouldn’t have worked at all.

Prior to the footage of the shooting surfacing, the official narrative was that Scott had fought with the officer and that the shooting was an act of self-defense. This is evident in original media accounts of the incident, such as this article from the April 4th edition of Charleston’s local newspaper, The Post and Courier


A statement released by North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said a man ran on foot from the traffic stop and an officer deployed his department-issued Taser in an attempt to stop him.

That did not work, police said, and an altercation ensued as the men struggled over the device. Police allege that during the struggle the man gained control of the Taser and attempted to use it against the officer.

The officer then resorted to his service weapon and shot him, police alleged.

Contrary to West’s assertion, the system was not working towards justice, it was working to push a false story to justify the police execution of a motorist, who posed no threat to the officer who shot him. The police department even lied about trying to revive Walter Scott.

The system failed Walter Scott. An officer was able to murder him in cold blood. Had the execution of Walter Scott not been captured on camera by a witness, there is little doubt that the “official version” of how the incident unfolded would have prevented the officer from even facing charges.

The system itself failed miserably, but what did not fail is the power of the citizen observer armed with a camera to capture the truth. Police departments have a bias towards protecting officers who exercise lethal force, even if their actions are unjustified. Juries have a bias towards believing the words of a police officer over the unspoken words of the victim.  For the victim, forever silenced by bullets, is unable to render his account of the story. The camera, however, only has a bias towards the truth.


The problem for Allen West is that the murder of Walter Scott validates a truth that West is uncomfortable confronting. That truth is that the American justice system is not color blind and that police brutality against people of color is all too often excused or pushed under the rug. The North Charleston incident isn’t an isolated case; it just happens to be a case that was caught on camera.

For Allen West, this is very inconvenient. West, after all, is a man who has made a political career out of carving out his niche, by defending the system. In the process, he routinely throws fellow African-Americans under the bus by contemptuously dismissing their concerns. West is so enthralled with defending the American criminal justice system that he can’t even acknowledge the failure of that system even when it is patently obvious.  This is one of those times.

However, rather than offering sustained criticism acknowledging police misconduct, West instead chastises the media for fussing about another police shooting. In West’s mind, the system works fine as long as he isn’t the black man being shot. This even comes through on his blog, when he writes:


I am 54 and the death of Walter Scott serves to remind me once again just how blessed I have been in life.

Lucky you.

West concludes by saying “and all lives matter”, but his dismissive approach to Walter Scott’s execution suggests that in Allen West’s mind, the only black life that really matters is his own.


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  • Allen West: no matter how much you try to ingratiate yourself with racist white conservative males, you are merely a blah person and will never be anything more than a blah person to them.

    Even if you did prove your manliness and patriotism to them by holding a gun to an innocent Iraqi's head and making him think he was going to die.

  • It must Bizzaro world to them. How else can you explain his viewpoint of 'Well, the "thug" is dead. Justice was served. Leave the white officer alone you evul libruls!'

  • I hope this Uncle Tom MFer gets profiled, pulled over and harassed driving while black. I wonder if he would change his tune then.

    • Quiet as it's keep, allen west BEGGED Quentin Tarantino to play the role of STEPHEN in the movie DJANGO UNLEASHED!! because allen didn't need ANY makeup and didn't need ANY acting lessons, he'd just play himself!! allen west makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X!! ok OK! I stole that one from Paul Mooney, but you get my point! See republicans LOOOOOOVE negro's like west because this joker will tow the water for MASSA on the SUN! see white republicans need negro's like west because having him eases their typically racist rants! See republicans use TOOLS like west and as long as he shines their boots, he's useful but guess what? once you leave the GOP plantation mr black republican, you're just another ''thug NIGGER'' to the GOP, just ask COLIN POWELL, republicans was BEGGING COLIN to run for president about 12 yrs ago, and now? COLIN's face is on the back of a MILK CARTON now.

  • I don't wish ill will or death for anyone but if this house negro ended up on the wrong side of a police officers gun I would have myself a drink with a coke and a smile

  • Oddly enough, I was wondering this week where this dingbat was hiding since he hasn't been speaking out on any issue lately.

  • I am seriously wondering how much this clown is being paid to make these ludicrous statements. He is a disgrace and just does not understand that these folk do not like him. Uncle Allen,YOU serve no purpose but a mouthpiece for them and doesn't realize that they despise him. He is such an embarrassment!!! Shameful creature.

  • The next time you shave your face, Mr. West, you're going to see the same damned thing as the last time you shaved your face.

    "Oh, what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive..."

    --Walter Scott

  • If the 'Justice System' worked, why is an innocent unarmed man dead ?

    That's akin to the expression "the operation was a success, but the patient died".

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