Obama Takes Down Dick Cheney and The Koch Brothers At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama came out swinging and pulled no punches while taking out Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, and devoted an entire segment to the Koch Brothers during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner remarks.


Obama kicked it off with a joke about Joe Biden shoulder massages. Obama quipped after the midterms that he didn’t have a bucket list, but he has something that rhymed with bucket list. Immigration executive action, bucket it.

The President made a joke about being a secret Muslim. Obama made a joke about his looks, “I look so old, John Boehner’s has already invited Netanyahu to speak at my funeral.” The president said that his legacy is beginning to take shape. He said today, thanks to Obamacare you no longer have to worry about losing your health insurance if you lose your job. You’re welcome Senate Democrats.”

Obama leveled Dick Cheney, “A few weeks ago Dick Cheney said he thinks I am the worst president of his lifetime, which is interesting because I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime.”

The President next took out Mike Huckabee for saying that Americans shouldn’t join the military until Obama leaves office, “Mike Huckabee recently said people should join our military until a true conservative is elected president. Think about that. It was so outrageous that forty-seven Ayatollahs wrote us a letter trying to explain how our system works.”

Obama took out Michele Bachmann for her prediction that he would bring about the end of days, “Now, that’s a legacy. Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.”

President Obama made a Hillary Clinton joke. I have one friend just a few weeks ago she was making millions of dollars a year, and she is now living out of a van in Iowa.”

Obama took a jab at the media, including CNN. The President drew groans for a joke about MSNBC’s record low ratings.

President Obama pounced on Jeb Bush for identifying himself as Hispanic, “Look, I understand. It’s an innocent mistake. It reminds of when I identified myself as an American in 1961.”

None of the jokes were hurtful or malicious, but President Obama definitely brought the funny to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. His other jokes included takedowns to Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.

Obama took out the Koch brothers and compared Rubio, Cruz, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker to The Bachelor. Obama took out the Kochs and said it was insulting to the candidates that the Koch brothers have to spend a billion dollars to get voters to like them.

The highlight of the event came at the end when Keegan-Michael Key came out to act as Obama’s anger translator Luther.

This was one of the best sets of jokes from Obama at the WHCD during his presidency. It was great fun and a must watch.

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  • I will be 62 years old in a few months. I remember Presidents all the way back to Eisenhower. I really believe President Obama is the best one in MY lifetime.

  • Since I am 65, southern born and white, by most demo-
    graphics I should be a bitter racist liberal hating old fux
    news addict. Living in NC with so many of my fellow Tar
    Heels voting clueless assclowns into office like Burr &
    Tillis can be maddening at times. This annual news roast
    gives the president an opportunity to poke back at all the
    stupidity he faces every day from the kochroaches. Jah
    bless president Obama and his family. Hope president
    Clinton appoints him to the SCOTUS at the first opport-

    • I would love to see the look on the faces of the GOP if President Obama was actually appointed to SCOTUS. I don't see him wanting anything in the way of an appt. in the next few years but the RW'ers would go bat-guano crazy, at least the ones that aren't already there!

    • Absolutely, Rastalari, I've been saying that ever since the President was reelected. I was so disgusted with the right wing comparing Clarence Thomas to Thurgood Marshall at the time when Thomas took his seat on the bench. President Obama would be a true heir to Marshall, and as the President is so young, he could make a generational shift back to the values that made the USA great again.

    • Gotcha beat a little, I am 79, a woman and a honest to gawd hick. So far back in the woods I am 93 miles from my Congress woman.
      You know, Renee Ellmers, a conservative darlin' from Michigan that had parts of EIGHT counties combined to make her a district. I am not so far back in the woods I don't make it out to vote though. I consider myself lucky, they haven't taken that too...YET.
      I am still giggling about that absolutely wonderful idea of Obama on the Supreme Court. I would be willing to stop "cooking southern" just to hang around long enough to see that.
      During the video I was laughing so hard it tripped my Blue Front Amazon's laugh box too. Then neither of us could stop. We were feeding off each other. Felt good.
      Life is still good in spite of the republicans and their owners.

  • Lord love ya Polly, and hang in there like hair in a
    biscuit, darlin'. Betcha Barry could get Citizens United
    overturned and that would put America back on track
    to the govt. our founding fathers had in mind. Jah bless.

  • I don't want to say anything negative about the President I voted for him his first term and voted for Willard Mitt Romney for his second term. I feel we need more electoral college members are population calls for over 10630 members if the rules were followed according to our constitution and enforced I am from Michigan however live in DC I feel its been to long since the college has addressed this issue possible more then fifty years I think congress also required a major shake up and I feel my voice is not being heard but I am not a minority I am a extremely unhappy upset white person who has strong feelings I would like to know other do as well but require knowing there I room for the middle class in elected office in our home states but the right to reject the things being done

  • Polly, good for you. I just love seeing/meeting old gals who are smart -- never change! I'm only 57, but have been a student of politics as far back as I can remember. President Obama, without a doubt, is the best I've seen in my lifetime!
    Hang in there, girlfriend!

    And Matthew .. . . ever heard about punctuation? Without it, your diatribe is unreadable.

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