Obama Blasts Republicans For Refusing To Do Their Jobs But Still Going On Vacation

President Obama fired the first shot in what is going to be an epic September battle by calling out Republicans in Congress for not finishing their work, but still going on a five-week paid vacation.


The President said:

Now, we need Congress to do its part to boost the economy, as well. Unfortunately, Congress left town for five full weeks – and they left behind a stack of unfinished business. For the first time ever, Congress failed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. That left thousands of business owners and their employees at a serious disadvantage compared to their competitors overseas. That’s not good for jobs. It’s not good for our economy. When it returns from recess, reauthorizing the bank ought to be a top agenda for members of Congress.


Congress also hasn’t passed a budget – and when they return from vacation, they’ll only have a few weeks to do so, or shut down the government for the second time in two years. They’ve had all year to do this. Months ago, I put forward a detailed plan to strengthen our economy and our national security in a fiscally responsible way. And for months, I’ve said I will veto any budget that locks in the sequester—those senseless cuts to domestic and national security priorities. Remember, we can’t cut our way to prosperity. We should be investing in things that help our economy grow today and tomorrow, like education or infrastructure or scientific research.

Democrats in Congress have made it clear they’re ready to sit down and work with Republicans to find common ground on this. After all, Americans expect Congress to help keep our country strong and growing – not threaten to shut down our government. When Congress gets back, they should prevent a shutdown, pass a responsible budget, and prove that this is a country that looks forward – a country that invests in our future, and keeps our economy growing for all Americans.


The odds of Republicans coming back from vacation and not causing major drama are exactly zero. Every signal being sent from Republicans in the House and Senate is suggesting that they are itching for a major confrontation and a government shutdown.

President Obama has been establishing his position for months by threatening to veto Republican-passed spending bills that are keeping in place the sequester-level cuts. Obama is not going to agree to defund Planned Parenthood. The President is not going to go along with more budget cuts to programs that millions of Americans depend on.

Republicans continue to believe that they can bully and intimidate Obama into getting giving them what they want, but this president has ridden out each manufactured Republican crisis and waiting for the GOP to cave.


Obama is making his position clear. Republicans are going to get nothing from him, and they are going to like it.


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  • ...Idiotologues are the true "Clear and Present Danger" to this country...right up there with pissy little "F"ers who wanna shut the government down on a whim...

  • Republican leadership thrives on drama. It's the only thing they do well that trickles down to their base where it is lapped up like mother's milk.

  • Just saying....I wish the so called news media would put the same focus on this issue then on that fool ass buffoon Trump.

  • I wish Obama could sign an executive order that would cancel their vacation pay, or even better sign an executive order to totally suspend their pay until they start doing their jobs.

  • I love this President in his 1st term and love him even more the second time around! He has been cool, suave and highly productive in spite of all the hatred and disrespect shown to him and his family!I clearly remember at one of his first meetings with Congress to discuss Health Care, the Republican Senator, Joe Wilson jumped up and yelled"You Lie"! The disrespect continued forward! Now in his second term, he is still maintains the characteristics mentioned above, but he has little tolerance for the disrespect! He responds back to them with that little smirk and allows them to sink their own ship! One of his classic was at the last State of the Union Address! It goes something like this: President Obama: "I've run my last campaign" Republicans: loud applauds President Obama: "I know I won both of them"! The entire Chamber with the exception of the frowned face Republicans were in complete laughter! President Barrack Hussein Obama, you will go down as one of the best President eve...

    • Nailed it. Looks like 9 (No Ways) however do not agree. History will prove you right and them for the tools they are, manufactured, courtesy of Faux.

  • "President Obama fired the first shot in what is going to be an epic September battle by calling out Republicans in Congress for not finishing their work, but still going on a five-week paid vacation."

    A battle the President will win, without a doubt!!!

  • Congress is too busy wasting the money tax payers pay them to work, they like living high on the hog at he American Peoples money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they ever work it is only to block any hope the American people have of getting ahead, their goal is to keep it all for their selfish selves!!!!!!

  • When the house leadership changed from Pelosi to Boehner the work week went from 5 and sometimes 6 days to 2 days. But the still get full pay.

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