House Republicans Celebrate 9/11 By Voting For More War In The Middle East

House Republicans marked the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by voting against peace by rejecting a resolution to approve the Iran deal.

By a vote of 262-169, House Republicans, who were joined by 25 Democrats, voted down a resolution to approve the Iran deal.

On the House floor, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) used the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to reject peace:

My colleagues, in pursuing this deal with Iran, President Obama refused to listen. He ignored the concerns of the American people, national security experts, and a bipartisan majority here in the Congress. And now, he is preparing to try and force this deal over our objections.

Never in our history has something with so many consequences for our national security been rammed through with such little support.

Today is September 11th. It is a day for all Americans to come together, and for us to keep the oath we swore to our Constitution. So our fight to stop this bad deal is frankly just beginning. We will not let the American people down.

Boehner’s speech was full of falsehoods and fairy tales about how this deal was bad for the United States. Boehner was a vocal support of the Iraq war, so it isn’t a surprise that he would reject any path to peace that doesn’t involve committing US military resources to a confrontation with Iran.

In reality, the House votes can’t change anything. Senate Democrats blocked the resolution of disapproval yesterday. However, with the nation looking towards the upcoming presidential election, House Republicans sent a symbolic message that can’t be ignored.

On 9/11, Republicans and a couple dozen House Democrats chose to reject peace and diplomacy.

Today’s vote was more evidence that the Republican Party has learned nothing from their failure in Iraq, and if given power again, they will repeat the mistakes of their recent past.

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