In A Hint Of Things To Come Fox News Puts On Mind Numbingly Boring Early Debate

Fox News put on an early debate that featured four doomed candidates in name only who spent an hour boring viewers to tears.

The early debate can be summed up in a few sentences.

– Rick Santorum whined about not being included in the polls.

– Carly Fiorina pretended to be an expert in foreign policy.

– Mike Huckabee complained about media bias.

– Jim Gilmore managed to keep a straight face while uttering the phrase, “When I’m president.”

Carly Fiorina said that Hillary Clinton belonged in jail and claimed that Clinton has not accomplished anything in her life. Jim Gilmore ripped Donald Trump for holding what he called a faux veterans event. In a desperate attempt to boost her campaign, Fiorina attacked Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood.

Huckabee and Santorum were the same old, same old. Both of the low polling former caucus winners looked like they were killing time until they could get over to Donald Trump’s rally. There were two huge problems with the Fox News early debate. These candidates said virtually nothing new. The other problem is that none of these candidates have any chance of winning. None of these four will be chosen as a running mate by the Republican nominee.

Fiorina attacked Fox News for questioning the pro-life credentials of Rick Santorum as the name of the game was to follow Trump’s lead and criticize Fox News/the media as much as possible.

The biggest concern for Fox should be that this debate was horribly boring. The early debates have been getting progressively worse. These debates have become torture for viewers, and as evidenced by the declining ratings, more and more viewers are tuning out.

The fact that Fox News had to dig up the ghost of Jim Gilmore to fill out the debate stage demonstrates that these early debates must come to an end. None of these candidates will be in the Republican primary by March 1. ABC News made the right decision by announcing that there will not be an early debate at the debate that they will be televising.

Fox News better hope that the early debate is not a sign of things to come because viewership will hit a new low if the main debate is half as dull as the snoozefest that Fox tried to pass off as a presidential debate.

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