Republicans Distract With Meaningless BS As 6 Americans Die In Kalamazoo Mass Shooting

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:46 pm

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While Republicans talk about things that are never going to happen, like repealing Obamacare and building a wall to Mexico, they are ignoring the serious and real problems all around them. Problems that are taking the lives of innocent people. Problems like gun violence.

The absurdity of the modern day Republican party’s positions and platforms can best be seen when compared to actual problems, like the fact that we had 4 mass shootings in America yesterday, one of which involved a drive-by shooting at a Cracker Barrel in Kalamazoo, Michigan during which 45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton killed at least 6 people and injured three.

MLive reported seven dead last night but updated it to 6 this morning- but either way it’s a mass shooting that involved yet another angry white male with a gun.

“It appears we have someone driving around and doing nothing but shooting to death innocent people at random,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas said from the scene at Cracker Barrel.

The suspect drove around shooting people, from a townhomes complex where he shot a woman who is in serious condition to Seelye Ford where, according to WWMT, he shot and killed two people believed to be father and son, as they looked at a vehicle. From there, according to MLive, he went on to shoot five people in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, where a total of 6 people were killed, according to MLive.

There were three other mass shootings yesterday in Alabama and two mass shootings in Florida – ground zero of the Stand Your Ground law. Yet Republicans on the trail never even come close to acknowledging this very real danger; instead, they preached about the 2nd amendment yesterday in South Carolina. However the right to bear arms is not under assault in reality. But human beings are under assault from gun violence.

The media isn’t doing their jobs with Republicans. While they have vetted Hillary Clinton until there is no crevice of her life left unexamined, they have continued to excuse Republicans from their bigotry and juvenile platform that is focused on non-problems that they’ve invented to pour gasoline onto their base’s feelings of persecution. So Donald Trump’s support is chalked up to a “focus on terrorism and immigration”, which is a really irresponsible way of reporting that his support is due in large part to bigotry and racism.

The fact that one of the two major parties in this country is focused on non-problems while doing everything possible to ignore the slaughter of innocent children and now innocent elders is troubling. What is worse is our media is letting this happen, lowering their own standards at every turn to justify using Trump for his ratings while not calling him out for his egregious comments and absurd, dangerous platform.

People are dying in this country for no reason, and we can’t get Republicans to even agree that we should close the background check loopholes. The media is content to let that slide so we can focus on Donald Trump’s imaginary wall.

This is the same media who willingly and subserviently reported WMD because the Bush administration said so. So Republicans are treated as if their platforms are serious policy matters when they are in fact unicorn crap of the highest order being sold to misinformed victims of the long con. Meanwhile, Republicans and the media covering them bury their heads in the sand about the ongoing, appalling gun violence we feed every day.

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