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After Michigan Win, Bernie Sanders Explains Why Democrats Will Crush Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:48 pm

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Fresh off his victory in Michigan, Sen. Bernie Sanders explained to the Trump adoring corporate media how Democrats will crush the billionaire if he wins the Republican nomination.


Transcript via MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

MITCHELL: What do you make of what’s happening on the Republican side with Donald Trump?

SANDERS: What I make is obviously, I mean, the Republican leadership is a little bit nervous because I think they understand that a Donald Trump will not become President of the United States, if he becomes the Republican candidate. And I’ll tell you why, Andrea. The American people — and no, I’m not saying every American, but the vast majority of the American people are not going to be voting for a president who insults Mexicans, which really is insulting all of our Latin American neighbors. Who insults Muslims. Muslims — Islam is one of the large religions in the world. Who insults veterans by attacking John McCain because he was a POW. Who attacks women. Who attacks the African-American community through his efforts in the so-called birther business.

You know, it’s a funny thing. President Obama’s father was born in Kenya. My father was born in Poland. Nobody goes around asking me for my birth certificate. Maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin versus the color of President Obama’s skin. I don’t think the American people will elect a president who is so divisive, who is so coarse, who insults anybody who disagrees with them. So that’s why I think the Republican leadership is a little bit nervous about Trump’s successes so far.

MITCHELL: And do you think that the Democratic Party can come together? This is not obviously as nasty a campaign as the Republican by far, but you and Hillary Clinton have serious policy disagreements. Whoever becomes the nominee, will the Democratic Party, will the Democratic Party, will you and Hillary Clinton come together in some fashion at the end of the convention and unite against whoever is the Republican nominee?

SANDERS: Well, I think that the vast majority of Democrats — and by the way, the vast majority of Independents in this country — understand that as a nation which has so much income and wealth inequality, that we don’t agree with Donald Trump who wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top two-tenths of 1 percent billionaires like himself.

We all as Democrats and a vast majority of Independents know that we got to raise the minimum wage above this starvation wage of 7.25 now. We all know that the scientists are telling us something very profound and important when they talk about climate change being real and being caused by human activity while people like Donald Trump, you know, think it’s a hoax.

So, to answer your question, I think the differences between Donald Trump and the other Republicans — and not just Democrats, myself with Secretary Clinton, but the vast majority of the people are very, very wise. So to answer your question, yes, I think the American people are saying, will say, that we are not going to have a Republican in the White House.

Sen. Sanders was correct on both counts. Republicans are nervous because they know that Donald Trump will not be elected president if he is their nominee. The fact is that Democrats may have their disagreements, but the members of the party share a common ideology and common goals. The differences that Republicans are having with each other are party destroying.

The reason Donald Trump is already pressing Republicans to unify around him is that even he understands that in their current state, Republicans have no hope of winning in November. Negativity rarely wins presidential elections. If voters have a choice between the positive agenda of the Democrats, or Donald the Insult Candidate, it is likely that the American people will choose the Democratic nominee.

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