Donald Trump

Trump Attacks GOP Senator Who Rejected His Election Lies

Former President Donald Trump referred to Senator Mike Rounds as a “RINO” — Republican in name only — after Rounds,…

7 days ago

Cheney Rebukes GOP for Backing Trump’s Big Lie: “That’s How Democracies Die”

During an appearance on The TODAY Show, Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) stressed that "the threat" to American democracy continues one year…

2 weeks ago

Trump Lashes Out After Biden’s Speech and Continues to Push The Big Lie

Former President Donald Trump lashed out after President Joe Biden's speech on the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, calling…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Manchin Betrayal Provides Opportunity for Democrats to Prove They Represent White Working Class

Manchin’s betrayal has created an opening, an opportunity for Democrats to spur a much broader profound and urgent reflection on…

3 weeks ago

Trump Busted Using The 1/6 Mob To Pressure Pence

Trump's comments to Pence on January 5th indicated that he was using the assembling mob to pressure his vice president.

1 month ago

A Win for the Climate: FEMA Once Again Considering Climate Change in Its Strategic Planning After Trump Dropped It

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) restored climate change considerations to its strategic planning after former President Donald Trump's administration's…

1 month ago

Devin Nunes Leaves Congress To Take A Job With Trump Business That’s Under Investigation

Devin Nunes announced that he is leaving Congress to take a job with Trump's new media company that is already…

1 month ago

Opinion: Rittenhouse Verdict Consistent with Right Wing’s Effort of Destroy Democracy

The Rittenhouse verdict is one piece of this larger campaign to destroy democracy and energize white supremacy.

2 months ago

Opinion: Right-Wing “Uncivil Disobedience” Distorts American Revolutionary Traditions And Unleashes Authoritarian Terror

We are not seeing acts of revolutionary uprising. What we are seeing is the rise of terrorism and authoritarianism.

2 months ago

Chris Christie Pulls No Punches in Reminding Trump That He Lost Election to Biden

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) criticized former President Donald Trump over his refusal to accept that he lost…

2 months ago

Obama: “We Are Nowhere Near Where We Need to Be” on Climate Action

Former President Barack Obama made an appearance during the COP26 climate summit on Monday, warning nations around the world that…

2 months ago

Trump Hints He Will Announce Presidential Run After Midterm Elections

Former President Donald Trump hinted he would announce a presidential run after next year's midterm elections, which will determine if…

2 months ago

Trump Claims Youngkin Would Have Lost VA Governor Race “Without MAGA”

Former President Donald Trump claimed that Republican Glenn Youngkin, who was declared the winner in Virginia's gubernatorial race, would have…

2 months ago

Virginia Governor Race Reveals Dynamics of Republican Abuse, Voter Trauma

We see the media and many Americans giving the Republicans, who engage in abusive behavior by refusing to do anything…

3 months ago

Trump Praises Pence for Downplaying and Lying About 1/6

Former President Donald Trump, who has continued to openly and brazenly lie about the events of January 6, the day…

3 months ago

The Trump Administration Considered Kidnapping and Assassinating Julian Assange

Senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration considered kidnapping WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2017, even weighing whether or not to…

4 months ago

Former White House Counsel Richard Painter Calls for a Special Prosecutor to Hold Trump Accountable for 1/6

Writing in a column for MSNBC, former White House Counsel Richard Painter called for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to…

4 months ago

Trump, Who Ignored the Pandemic from the Start, Says Biden is to Blame for Vaccine Hesitancy

Former President Donald Trump, whose administration ignored or downplayed the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic from the start, claimed President…

4 months ago

Trump Fumes After Robert E. Lee Statue is Removed, Praises His “Genius”

Former President Donald Trump released an angry statement praising the "genius" of Robert E. Lee after authorities in Richmond, Virginia…

4 months ago

Trump Attacks Biden Over Afghanistan Mess He Caused in Rambling Fox News Interview

During an interview with Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld, former President Donald Trump insisted that President Joe Biden's handling of…

4 months ago

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