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Help Wanted: Want To Write For PoliticusUSA? Here’s Your Chance.

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PoliticusUSA is growing fast, it’s an election season, and we have openings! PoliticusUSA is looking for bloggers, editors, and staff to join our team. If you want to reach one of the biggest liberal audiences in the United States, here is your opportunity.

Help Wanted (Unpaid): Bloggers

PoliticusUSA is looking to add bloggers in several areas. Previous blogging and/or managing a current blog strongly preferred. Bloggers will be free to repost their blogs to PoliticusUSA, but only to PoliicusUSA. Proofreading is a must, and familiarity with WordPress is a plus. Bloggers are not paid freelance positions.

Blogger Positions :


1). Bloggers are free to choose their own topics.

2). Blog entries must be proofread before publication.

3). Previous blogging experience is strongly preferred.

4). Posts may not be reposts from another website only your personal blog.

5). Single issue and general political bloggers are encouraged to apply.

6). PoliticusUSA is a liberal/progressive site. Please keep this in mind when applying.

7). Media bloggers and bloggers with an interest in presidential, congressional, and state elections will be given additional consideration.

Applications without writing samples or links will not be considered.

Help Wanted: Paid Positions:

Politics Editor:

PoliticusUSA is looking for a part-time political editor during the 2016 campaign. The ideal person is familiar with word press, follows politics daily, can write quickly and accurately, understands the importance of fact-checking, has a strong grasp of grammar, values integrity and team building, has a strong work ethic, understands the need to double check articles once published, and has a strong social media presence. The ideal candidate will be a liberal who respects the opinions of others.


Please submit news writing samples along with links to your social media profiles.

Social Media Manager:

PoliticusUSA is looking for a social media manager. We need a social media manager who has experience with social media, understands liberal and progressive websites and content, has an understanding of web TV, podcasting, Wikipedia, SEO, and someone who insists on a culture of honesty and integrity in their work. No spammers or people who have been banned from a social media platform.

Advertising Manager:

PoliticusUSA is looking for an experienced person to help coordinate ad sales and advertising. This is a paid position. Please email for more details.

You can apply for all positions, or request more information using the form below:


Help Wanted

Please fill out the form below to apply for a paid part-time reporter position with PolitcusUSA.

PoliticusUSA encourages all minorities to apply, as part of the purpose of publication is to give all voices a seat at the table.

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