Pro-Trump Woman Goes Full Racist On African-American Craft Store Clerk

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:36 pm

Is it just me, or are Donald Trump supporters even angrier following their candidate’s Electoral College victory earlier in the month?

That appears to be the case for at least one pro-Trump woman from Chicago who unraveled into a racist tirade at a Michaels craft store recently after an African-American employee – wait for it – offered her a $1 reusable carrying bag.

According to the unhinged Trump voter, the black store clerk “forced” her to purchase it because she was a “white woman” and because she voted for Donald Trump.

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And I voted for Trump, so there. You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won,” the angry woman shouted.

Once the unidentified woman realized she was on camera, she directed her Trump-like tantrum to the woman filming her, who also happened to be white.

“I was just discriminated against by two black women and you being a white woman and you literally thinking that’s okay,” the woman said. “Why don’t you go home to your husband who’s cheating on you.”

She then called the police, telling them over the phone that she’s been “ganged up by a bunch of people.”

“Two black women will not ring me up because, because, I don’t even know why,” the Trump voter said

It was a disturbing scene, indeed, but not all hope is lost. According to the Chicago Patch, a GoFundMe page titled “Stand Strong Against Racism” has been created for the Michaels clerk and has raised over $12,000.

The incident took place just days after another Trump voter disrupted a Delta flight with an angry, pro-Trump rant of his own, which prompted the airline to ban him from ever again boarding one of its flights.

If this is how Trump voters are behaving after their candidate won the election, just imagine how they would be acting if he had lost.

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