Obama Surprises Joe Biden By Awarding Him The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

An openly crying Vice President Joe Biden went from tears to shock as President Obama awarded the final Medal of Freedom of his time in office to the Vice President.

Video of a shocked Biden thinking that he was attending a tribute then being presented with the Medal of Freedom:

Full Video:

The President’s tribute to Vice President Biden was full of humor, warmth, and love. Obama never tipped his hand while paying tribute to Biden. Obama called Biden, “As good a man as God has ever created.”

The Obama/Biden relationship is a special one. Most presidents and vice presidents are forced political marriages. Obama and Biden are different. They truly care about each other and work together. Biden was never frozen out of the Obama White House like other vice presidents have been.

Biden’s remarks after accepting the award were heartfelt, warm, kind, and radiating with the kind of emotion that is why so many Americans feel a personal connection to Biden.

Joe Biden is an extraordinary public servant who has been a great vice president that will leave an unmatched legacy.

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