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TrumpCare Gives A Tax Cut To The Wealthy While Gutting Vaccinations For Children

Buried in the Republican Obamacare replacement bill is a gutting federal funding for childhood vaccinations that would be an unprecedented and dangerous attack on America’s kids to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

The Republican Obamacare replacement, or TrumpCare, will cut $20 billion from the Prevention and Public Health Fund. The goal of the Prevention and Public Health Fund is to lower the future demand for health care by fighting diseases through efforts like childhood vaccinations.

Democracy Journal noted, “The Prevention and Public Health Fund is making a big difference. It is the money behind Alzheimer’s disease services for seniors, the Million Hearts program to prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, and notably, $325 million for childhood vaccinations. It is jaw dropping that Republicans would raid these funds considering their very high near-term and long-term return on investment.”

Where is this $20 billion going?

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It is going to used to help offset the loss of revenue that will be caused by the Republican repeal of Obamacare’s taxes on the wealthy.
Children are going to get sicker, and childhood diseases that we long assumed were virtually eradicated from the United States will make a comeback, because there will be less federal money to vaccinate kids.

The wealthy get a tax cut while children get sick and possibly die.

Welcome to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s version of making America great again.

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