Terror Spreads In GOP As GA Special Election Democrat Jon Ossoff Shines In National TV Interview

Republicans were already deeply worried about the special election for the House seat vacated by Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th district, and their concern will only deepen after watching Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff excel during his first nationally televised interview.


In a little more than two minutes, which the video skipped during his first answer, but Ossoff dropped a few keywords like corruption and investigation that are certain to motivate voters who both oppose and are disappointed by Trump.

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Ossoff talked about the energy in the district, “Well, the atmosphere here is electric right now. We’ve got thousands of folks going out every weekend to knock on doors. The community is standing up because we recognize this is the first chance in the country to demonstrate that we believe that America can only become more prosperous, more secure, and stronger if we stay true to our core values and that those values are under threat right now by what’s happening in Washington.”

Facing a talented and legendary Washington journalist like Andrea Mitchell is no small task, but Ossoff wasn’t thrown by her question about one of his ads potentially exaggerating his credentials.

Ossoff is running as the outsider, and he is the test for the Democratic message in 2018. The New York Times recently reported that Ossoff has a good chance of avoiding the June 20 runoff by getting 50% of the vote April 18.

Democrats are now able to run as the outsiders against Donald Trump’s Washington. Republicans are not only finding out that governing is hard, but also that being in the majority having to defend an unpopular president is equally difficult.

Ossoff’s national television interview debut underscored the fact that Republicans are not only stuck with Trump, but they are also facing the sort of young, and polished candidate that is capable of winning.

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