Georgia Special election

WATCH: GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Next 48 Hours Will Be Among the Worst For the Republican Party

The polls weren't great this past election season. If they were more accurate, tonight's special election in Georgia would not…

1 year ago

Trump Supporters “Heckled” Loeffler and Perdue During Monday Campaign Event

Donald Trump will no longer be the President of the United States come mid-January. His presence, though, will hang over…

2 years ago

Two Numbers Show Why The Democratic Freak Out Over Losing In Georgia Is Total Nonsense

Some Democrats, liberals, and progressives are freaking out because they didn't win special elections in heavily Republican districts that they…

5 years ago

For Democrats The Victory They Need Wasn’t In Georgia But Will Be Defeating Trump On Healthcare

The zeal among some Democrats, liberals, and progressives for the Georgia House special election were always emotional. Some are still…

5 years ago

Trump Just Gave Karen Handel The Worst Endorsement Ever Before Georgia’s Special Election

Donald Trump gave Karen Handel such a terrible endorsement that he didn't leave enough room in his tweet to include…

5 years ago

GOP Doomed As Jon Ossoff Tears Apart Their Secret Health Plan Days Before Georgia Election

Ossoff is focusing not just on the corruption that continues to consume the White House, but the disastrous Republican policy…

5 years ago

Jon Ossoff Extends His Lead To 7 Points As Georgia Republicans Flee GOP Candidate

Ossoff now leads his Republican candidate by seven points as Republican and Independent voters flock to his campaign.

5 years ago

Georgia Dem Jon Ossoff Hits 50 Percent, Leads By Three In New Special Election Poll

The Democrat's lead is slim, but it appears to be somewhat durable and is even showing signs that he is…

5 years ago

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff Opens Up 7-Point Lead As Trump’s Russia Cover-Up Drags GOP Down

The increasingly explosive Russia scandal isn't just dragging the president down – he's taking the entire GOP with him.

5 years ago

Jon Ossoff Is Attracting Key GOP Support As Republican Nightmares Are Coming True In Georgia

An analysis of the voter file from the jungle primary in the Georgia House special election showed that Democrat Jon…

5 years ago

Bernie Sanders Cleverly Makes It Clear That He Is Supporting Jon Ossoff In Georgia Runoff

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has issued a statement clarifying his previous remarks and throwing his full support behind Democratic candidate…

5 years ago

Sleazy Georgia Republicans Are Trying To Block Voters From Voting In The House Runoff Election

Georgia Republicans are so afraid that they are going to lose to Jon Ossoff in June that they are trying…

5 years ago

Desperate And Unpopular Paul Ryan Will Campaign In Georgia To Stop Surging Jon Ossoff

If this is the GOP's secret weapon in keeping control of the hotly contested seat, then they're in big trouble.

5 years ago

Early Returns Show Jon Ossoff Has A Chance To Cross Crucial 50 Percent Threshold

The night is young and there is a long way to go, but Jon Ossoff appears to be performing well…

5 years ago

Computer Issues Are Causing Voting Problems In Georgia House Special Election

Election officials are hoping to keep two polling places open later than the 7 PM closing time after computer errors…

5 years ago

A Terrified Trump Tweets Warnings About Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

"Democrat Jon Ossoff would be a disaster in Congress. VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and…

5 years ago

Desperate Trump Records Last-Minute Robocall To Stop Surging Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

According to a recent poll, Ossoff's support is just over 45 percent – not far from the 50 percent he…

5 years ago

Jon Ossoff Flashes Foreign Policy Chops And Skewers Trump In Less Than 60 Seconds

Being a Democratic candidate in Georgia isn't always easy, particularly in the district he is hoping to represent, but Ossoff…

5 years ago

Bernie Sanders Gives Democrats Two Keys To Resisting Trump And Winning Back Congress

Democrats will win elections when they go to all parts of the country and explain that their policies are better…

5 years ago

Jon Ossoff Shows Why Republicans Could Be Facing A Big Defeat In Georgia Special Election

During an interview on MSNBC, the Democratic candidate in the House special election in Georgia, Jon Ossoff, showed exactly why…

5 years ago