Joe Wilson, Who Said ‘You Lie!’ to President Obama, Gets Told ‘You Lie!’ by Unhappy Constituents

South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson, who is infamous for shouting “You lie!” at President Barack Obama back in 2009, got his just desserts when he showed up for a town hall at Aiken Technical College when constituents shouted “You lie!” at him for 30 seconds straight.

Wilson, who voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act in 2013, was called a liar for claiming,

“I’ve also supported the local solicitor here, and the solicitor in Lexington, all efforts to make sure that violence against women is fully enforced.”


NBC affiliate WRDW-TV reports that Wilson was met with a chorus of boos Monday night:

Boos and chants fill the gym while cell phone videos roll at Congressman Joe Wilson’s town hall meeting at Aiken Tech. The State’s Second Congressional Representative spoke about several issues and topics throughout the evening, but his stand on healthcare drew the most jeers from the crowd of over 100.

Folks really weren’t happy that Wilson was trying to take their healthcare away or lying about his stance on violence against women.

On the other hand, WRDW tells us, they were happy about a bunch of Wilson’s other boilerplate GOP stances against things like man-made global warming, Planned Parenthood, open-carry gun laws, support for the coal industry and opposition to alternate sources of energy.

Some things will never change where GOP crowds are concerned, but the recent failure of the AHCA, or Trumpcare, revealed to many previously talking-point-addled conservatives that the healthcare their representatives planned to take away was their own.

Joe Wilson got a taste of that when he tried to dish out surface deep and evasive talking points, and he got exactly what he deserved when he had his “You lie!” thrown back in his face almost 8 years after he disrespected President Barack Obama in front of the whole world.


Joe Wilson proved vague talking points and lies about supporting equal protections for women will only get you so far, even in the Republican Party.

He ended up apologizing to the president, and it’s only a shame his second round of humiliation was not more public.


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