Obama Humiliates Trump By Showing How A Real President Makes A Difference In Chicago

Barack and Michelle Obama’s $2 million personal donation to their summer jobs program in Chicago are real action instead of the fear mongering and empty tough talk about The Windy City that comes from Trump.

Video of former President Obama:

Obama said, “One of the things that we’ll be starting this year is Michelle and I are personally going to donate $2 million to our summer jobs programs here in the community so that right away young people can get to work and we can start providing opportunities to all of them.”

Young people don’t need mandatory sentencing, and private prisons like the Trump administration is proposing. Young people don’t need bogus promises of manufacturing jobs that are never coming back. What young people in cities like Chicago, and all across the United States need are opportunities. Economic opportunities are the key to advancement.

Barack Obama has always understood that the ladder to success must be available to all.

As Trump continues to channel his inner Richard Nixon and wage a war against an imaginary crime problem, Obama continues to put his positive vision for the country into action.

A real president provides vision, encouragement, and opportunity. An empty pretender is one who talks tough, while his only plan involves dividing and diminishing for his own personal gain.

Every time Obama speaks or acts, he humiliates Trump and shows the United States that the man who is currently occupying the Oval Office is failing the standard for presidential leadership.

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