Trump Goes Full Drama Queen And Makes His Communication Director Call CNN After He Gets Mad

Instead of running the country, Donald Trump is watching CNN and making the White House Communications Director call in when they say something that he doesn’t like.

Video clip of Scaramucci on CNN:

Here is how Trump’s Communications Director ended up on CNN when he wasn’t supposed to be there:

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Philip Rucker got confirmation that Trump “authorized” Scaramucci to call in:

In this case, authorized means that Trump was watching CNN, blew up over something they said and demanded that Scaramucci call in.

There is no one in the White House to tell Donald Trump no, so he is running wild. This is the man who is supposed to be governing and leading the country, but instead, he is spending his time making government employees call CNN and defend him.

Trump is spinning out of control, and going full drama queen if he thinks anyone is mean to him.

This is not the way that the United States of America is supposed to be governed.

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