Lawrence O’Donnell Inspires Goosebumps As He Explains The Growing Russia Terror Of Trump

Lawrence O’Donnell perfectly captures the noose that is tightening around the neck of Trump and his family and the growing terror that the Russia investigation is causing the President.


O’Donnell said, “Donald Trump knows tonight that the special prosecutor already has at least two fully cooperating witnesses revealing everything that they know about Donald Trump and might soon have two more. Donald Trump knows that the special prosecutor’s investigation’s getting even closer to his son-in-law Jared Kushner who faces the possibility of being indicted for lying about his contacts with Russians and other foreign nationals. In other words, the noose is tightening around the Trump White House and the Trump family. And the president knows by now that all of his lawyers’ public claims that the special prosecutor’s work winding down is pure fiction and that the special prosecutor is still adding to his staff of legal experts pursuing this investigation. The most notable new member of the team is Ryan K. Dickey, a federal prosecutor of the Justice Department’s computer crimes section. Ryan Dickey participated in the investigation of the famous hacker of Guccifier. Donald Trump does not know how to use e-mail. He clearly does not have the experience or the capacity to even begin to imagine what a cyber investigation actually is and what — and Donald Trump might then actually assume that he is safe from Ryan Dickey’s cyber investigation simply because he himself never uses e-mail. But everything that has happened in the special prosecutor’s investigation, the last seven months has obviously been terrifying for Donald Trump. How terrifying? 100% guarantee that he would submit to an interview with the special prosecutor has now become — we’ll see what happens.”

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The bravado is gone. Beneath the mountain of tweets, and repeating of the words no collusion like it some kind of positive thinking mantra is fear. Donald Trump is scared. Trump thinks that he can negotiate his way to a better deal with Mueller by saying maybe, or claiming that there is no need for an interview, but the Special Counsel holds all of the cards. Mueller doesn’t have to make a deal. He can always subpoena Trump and force him to testify.

It is only a matter of time until a member of the Trump family gets indicted. The fear is real. The country can smell it on Trump each day. With the noose tightening Trump is panicking because, for him, the worst is yet to come.l

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