Lawrence O’Donnell Nails Why Trump Is A Visceral Insult To Every American With A Brain

Donald Trump is a visceral insult to every thinking American because according to Lawrence O’Donnell he is the stupidest liar in the history of the presidency.


O’Donnell said, “Donald Trump as we know is the worst liar we’ve ever seen in the presidency. By tonight, worst liar, two things, the frequency of the lying and the skill at lying. Donald Trump lies more than any other president in history and more than any other American politician in history. The “Washington Post” has documented over 2,000 obvious lies in less than a full year in the presidency. But Donald Trump is also the worst liar because he is very, very bad at lying. Smart lying is lying you actually can get away with. Smart liars never lie about things they can’t get away with. They don’t tell obviously insane lies like “I am the least racist person.” We don’t know how many lies other presidents have told because they were all better liars. They surely all got away with more lies than Donald Trump does. That is the singular achievement of the trump white house and the trump administration. The worst lying we have ever seen in Washington from the president and the people who work for the president.”

Trump’s lies are annoying because they are insulting bad. Trump thinks so little of the collective intelligence of the American people that he tells numerous obvious lies every single day. Sure, it is annoying that the President Of The United States is a pathological liar, who will lie about anything big or small, but what is so aggravating about Trump’s lies is that they are so dumb.

If the president were a smart person, he would able to think of better lies. America is a very forgiving country. The country forgave Bill Clinton for lying because Bill Clinton put thought into his lies. Former President Clinton respected your intelligence and at least tried to come up with a decent lie. Donald Trump thinks that you are an idiot who isn’t paying attention, so he says the first dumb thing that pops into his head, and the first thing that pops into his head is always dumb, and goes with that stupid lie as the truth.

Trump is already a historically terrible president, but he’s an even worse liar.

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