The Cover-Up Is Crumbling As Devin Nunes Gets Called Out For Russia Investigation Obstruction

When asked about Trump calling Devin Nunes a great American, Rep. Eric Swalwell said that Nunes is obstructing the investigation and working for Trump.


Swalwell said, “He’s obstructed our investigation. I think I’ve worked with him non-Russian related matters, but he has not left it. His duty is to connect the dots, to tell the American people whether anyone on the Trump team worked with the Russians and protect us from future attack. Instead, he’s working with the White House to peddle their narrative.”

Devin Nunes is an America hero only to Donald Trump. To those who are trying to get to the truth about what happened during the 2016 election, Nunes is an obstructionist who has never stopped working for Trump. Rep. Nunes is a big part of the problem with the House Russia investigation. He is the reason why there will not be a legitimate investigation into the Russia scandal until Democrats take back the House.

The cover-up is crumbling. Democrats are connecting the dots, and what started out as a Trump scandal is swallowing the Republican Party.

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