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Trump’s Syria Strike Flops So Badly That Even Fox News Turns On Him

Trump’s Syria strike is going over so badly politically that he is not even getting full support from Fox News.


Fox and Friends Saturday had Charles Hurt from The Washington Examiner on, and when he was asked where Trump’s “America First” foreign policy goes from here in Syria, he said, “I hope that it sort of ends here because this is not what Donald Trump got elected for. You know, he got elected by people who found his message very resonating about getting out of these sorts of situations. And I understanding. You know, chemical weapons, you know, that should be a red line for, you know, humans around the globe. It should be totally unacceptable. And, you know, inasmuch as we have, you know, the power and the strength to reach out and touch someone who does that sort of stuff, again, assuming that we do have all of our information lined up, you know, we don’t have a terribly good track record over there of getting things right. But it is a civil war. It’s a very dangerous thing to get involved in. And, the reason he got elected was because he said we wouldn’t do those things.”

Just to drive the point home, here is how Fox News tweeted out the video:

Fox News described the reaction as “mixed” to this strike. In Fox terminology, mixed when referring to Trump equals criticism. There are sizable groups on the right and the left who both agree that any president should get the approval of Congress before launching a military action.

The lack of total cheerleading on Fox for the bombing is a sign that it flopped.

Forget about rallying the country. Trump hasn’t even rallied the whole Republican Party behind him on Syria.

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