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Trump’s Russia Denials Crushed By Bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee Report

A bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee destroyed Donald Trump’s denials that Russia interfered to help him win the 2016 election.

Here is the whole report:


These are the key findings that smash Trump’s Russia denials:

Russian leadership also intended to help Trump win

Trump’s Russia denials were rejected in a bipartisan report

Trump has been claiming since he took office that the Russians did not help him. The President is also fond of claiming that it was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who were colluding with Russia. Trump has said on numerous occasions that the Russians did not want him to win, because, he is “tough” on Russia. The reality, as confirmed in this report, is that all of Trump’s denials are bogus.

The Russians did want Trump to win. They were attacking the United States to interfere in the election to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump win. Interference is too gentle of a term for the hostile effort to install Trump as president. What the Russians should be viewed as an act of aggression that was an act of cyberwar.

The presidency of Donald Trump looks illegitimate

Donald Trump lost the popular vote. If he won the election due to an attack on our democracy by Russia, he is an illegitimate president. An illegitimate president should not be allowed to nominate Supreme Court justices for lifetime appointments, and depending on if Democrats win control of Congress in November, this illegitimate president should probably be impeached and removed along with his vice president and the entire administration.

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