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Morning Joe Mocks Giuliani: “Throw Grandpa From the Train”

Tuesday morning’s Morning Joe panel ruthlessly made fun of Donald Trump’s television lawyer Rudy Giuliani for his bizarre series of recent TV interviews that seemed to do Trump more harm than good and left even Fox News hosts completely confused.

“’Throw grandpa from the train!’ Morning Joe openly laughs at ‘pathetic’ Rudy Giuliani’s trainwreck TV interviews”

Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski mocked the former New York City mayor for inadvertently breaking a story about something that nobody else seemed to know about. Giuliani disclosed that there was a second Trump Tower meeting that took place before the infamous meeting on June 16, 2016. Giuliani said in the pre-meeting Donald Trump Jr. huddled with several top Trump campaign officials to work out their strategy for the June 16 Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents.

“I’ve watched a couple of the interviews and it’s painful,” said Brzezinski. “I’m sorry, it’s pathetic. At some point, you need to get your self-respect back.”

“Throw grandpa from the train!” added Scarborough. “He needs to go home.”

The popular early morning MSNBC show then showed videos of Giuliani contradicting himself several times within a matter of hours on the topic of the alleged second “pre-meeting” meeting.  In explaining the purpose of the meeting, and then explaining why he was talking about it on national TV, and then attempting to give an explanation for his explanation, Giuliani completely baffled all of his hosts as well as millions of TV viewers. He made no sense whatsoever. Scarborough even burst out laughing while the clips were being played on his show.

Through his laughter Scarborough said “What’s he saying? Run that clip again!”

So his producers ran the clip again even after that nobody could make any sense out of Rudy’s comments.

“Rudy Giuliani is debating himself,” said Willie Geist a regular on the show. “In the morning, on CNN, he raised the idea of this second meeting. That came out of the blue for a lot of people, what second meeting. Then, hours later on Fox News, he’s shooting down the idea he raised on CNN.”

The Fox News appearance was especially painful as he attempted to walk back his comments from earlier in the day. Although they tried to be polite, the Fox News people couldn’t hide their confusion and embarrassment at Giuliani’s ridiculous and senseless comments.

Host Harris Faulkner said that it was unusual for Giuliani to insist that Trump had not been at the second meeting since its existence had never been made public before Giuliani started talking about it.  “That takes on a question that hasn’t been asked, or even suggested,” Faulkner said.

Then Rudy responded in a way that nobody could understand:

“There was another meeting that has been leaked that hasn’t been published yet. That was an alleged meeting three days before — or according to the leak, maybe Cohen will withdraw this, I don’t know — they haven’t pursued it. And two publications are not going to publish it. I think they found independent contradiction. He says it was a meeting with Donald Jr., with Jared Kushner, with Paul Manafort, with Gates, with possibly two others, in which they — out of the presence of the president — discussed the meeting with the Russians. We checked with their lawyers, the ones we could check with, that meeting never took place, it didn’t happen. It’s a figment of his imagination or he’s lying.”

This is the kind of response that led to Giuliani’s being mocked by the Morning Joe hosts and probably by millions of other people.  Nobody can understand anything that Rudy Giuliani says anymore, and nobody can understand why Donald Trump has him doing TV interviews either.

Maybe Trump’s and Giuliani’s strategy will become clear in the future but as of right now they just look ridiculous and seem to be making Robert Mueller’s job easier.

Leo Vidal

I am a lifelong Democrat with a passion for social justice and progressive issues. I have degrees in writing, economics and law from the University of Iowa.

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