Sarah Sanders Blames Democratic Investigations For Trump Breaking Immigration Laws

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders blamed Democratic investigations of Trump for the president’s plans to violate immigration laws.

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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: I don’t understand why the president’s attracted to it at all. It actually could encourage more immigrants. It’s — would be easier for these migrants to put down roots in the U.S. in sanctuary cities so it seems to run counter to his objectives.

SANDERS: Again, this isn’t the president’s plan. His top priority is to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming into our country to begin with. Democrats and courts, frankly, keep tying the president’s hands and stopping him from being able to do that. We have a massive number of people that are already here. We need to take away some of that burden on all of the communities that are along the border like San Diego and El Paso and look at other options. Again, not our first choice. Ideally, Congress would fix the problem. They continue to kick the can down the road and not deal with the problem in front of them.

They’d rather spend all of their time attacking the president and — on these baseless and taxpayer-funded investigations instead of doing what they were elected to do, and that’s actually solve problems. We hope that they will find at some point over the course of their next several days, weeks and months to do their jobs and help the president solve real problems, whether it’s this one, whether it’s healthcare or whether it’s the other 100 things that we’re trying to work on that they seem to want to just continue to ignore.


Trump created the immigration crisis on the border

The White House leaves out the part where they create the immigration crisis through detention policies and closing the ports of entry. Every expert on immigration predicted that migrants would flood the border if Trump closed down the ports of entry. Sanders wants Democrats to stop investigating Trump and give the president what he wants on immigration, which is to build his wall, seal the border, and restrict entry into the United States.

The migrant crisis that the White House isn’t the problem of Congress. Trump made this mess because he wants to immigration. The president is getting so desperate to get what he wants that he is actively trying to break immigration laws.

Creating a mess and blaming Democrats has been the way of the modern Republican Party for years, but this problem belongs solely to Donald Trump.

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