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Joe Biden Shows More Coronavirus Leadership In 1 Minute Than Trump Ever Has

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:59 am

Former Vice President Joe Biden showed more knowledge and leadership on the coronavirus in on minute than Trump ever has.

Biden said on MSNBC:

At this very moment, it means the president has to surge more equipment to New York and other places that are clearly in distress. That means he has to be able to provide for providing significantly more masks to protect these first responders and these docs and nurses. He has to provide the gowns so they are not wearing garbage bags to protect themselves. The shields around their faces when they are taking the blood and moving people. The testing — just the mere testing, significantly increase the number of tests available.

The president said a couple weeks ago that every CVS — he named four outlets were going to have testing sites outside of their stores and the various places that they exist when in fact there have only been four, f-o-u-r that have been put in place so far. It requires much more rapped response to the needs of the first responders to detect the people who need help, how they get help, do they have enough of what they need to be cared for. Are there enough beds, do we have enough protection for the docs.


Biden showed more competent leadership and planning in a little over a minute than Trump has demonstrated over the course of the entire crisis. Trump wildly veers from one idea to the next with plan to address the needs of the states and American people.

Just listening to the former Vice President speak for a few minutes on how the response to the crisis should be going is a reminder of what clear and competent looks like.

As Americans are dying, Joe Biden is ready to lead while Donald Trump is still fumbling in the dark and looking for magic cures.

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