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Michael Cohen Says Trump Has Deluded Himself Into Believing He Won the Election

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The congresspeople and senators who are helping Donald Trump fight the election results know the president lost. They also know that there is no pathway forward. For the majority of them, this is being done with an eye towards their political futures.

Donald Trump, though, has not been acting like a man that has come to grips with the reality that he hasn’t won. Even if the numbers don’t work out for him, the president will keep trying to bully his way to a win.


But does he actually think he won the election? According to his former personal attorney and confident, Michael Cohen, he has deluded himself in believing that he did.

Cohen made the comments during a recent discussion with Mediaite’s Dan Abrams. He told the host, “One of the things Donald has always believed in is the Stalin approach, that the more you say something over and over again, the more people will believe it. He has now gone past that line. He has now convinced himself

that there is something that is keeping him from his second term and that he is the rightful winner of this election.”

Abrams responded, “So you do you think he’s convinced himself that it’s true?”

Cohen continued, “I do, I do. Yes, I do. There’s no other way he can explain to himself — remember Donald Trump has three friends in the whole world: me, myself, and I. And there’s no way he can express to himself that he’s a loser, and that Joe Biden won. It goes against his essence, just his core, and he needs to rationalize something to explain this loss.”




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