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Second Matt Gaetz Aide Bails As The Feds Close In

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The Legislative Director for Rep. Matt Gaetz resigned in an email as evidence piles up against the Florida congressman.

Via Axios:

Devin Murphy, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s legislative director, has stepped down amid a federal investigation into sex trafficking allegations against the Florida Republican congressman, the New York Times first reported, and Axios has confirmed.

“It’s been real,” Murphy wrote in an email, obtained by Axios, to Republican legislative directors on Saturday morning, with the subject line: “Well…bye.”


When staffers start quitting on a member of Congress who is under criminal and Ethics Committee investigation, it is a sign that the writing is on the wall. The allegations and details of criminal behavior are being revealed on a near-daily basis, and Gaetz still hasn’t mounted any sort of defense for himself.

It is even more revealing that Republicans have offered up no defense of Gaetz. His party hasn’t stood by him. They haven’t tried to make him a persecuted cause or raise money off of him. Republicans are leaving Gaetz to stew in his own filth and criminality.


Fox News isn’t running to his defense. Trump has stayed quiet. It is clear that Gaetz is likely to be indicted, and Republicans are distancing themselves as fast as they can.

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