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Republican Traitors Who Voted Against Certifying Biden’s Win Saw Business Donations Drop 80%

House Republicans who voted against certifying Joe Biden‘s victory saw a drop in donations from businesses.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

PACs for companies, trade associations, unions, cooperatives, and membership groups gave $1.3 million in the first quarter of the year to the campaigns of the 147 Republican election objectors, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of quarterly reports filed by Thursday’s deadline.

That was down about 80% from $6.7 million donated by such groups to the lawmakers in the first quarter in 2019, a comparable period in the last election cycle, the Journal found.

Democrats also had a drop in donations, which is not surprising for an off-off election year, but their donations were only down 30%.

It is clear that business and industry want nothing to do with Trump’s big lie and the terrorist attack on the Capitol that was enabled and encouraged by Republicans who pushed the big lie that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans are banking on Donald Trump and the Big Lie to carry them to the majority, but the early results are not encouraging. Republicans are struggling to dent Biden’s positive approval ratings and House Democrats continue to pass an agenda of popular legislation.

The big lie is costing Republicans millions as big business is avoiding the attempted destruction of democracy.

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