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It’s The Biggest Scandal in the Country Right Now: Watch Nicolle Wallace Slam Ron DeSantis for his Bumbling COVID-19 Response

Joe Biden recently ended America’s involvement in Afghanistan. And for a number of reasons, many of them not his fault, he is having a difficult time.

Ron DeSantis couldn’t be happier about cable news spending much of its airtime on Afghanistan. The Florida governor is getting a pass on the fact that the COVID surge in his state is getting worse, not better.

The MSNBC host began by mocking Republican’s claims that their freedoms are being infringed upon. “You know, Pee Wee football has a requirement that you put something much heavier than a mask on your head and shoulders. Little league baseball requires that anyone older than 6 wear a cup. There are a lot of things more invasive than a mask that people are required to do and you don’t see them physically and verbally abusing other parents at school board meetings.”

Wallace then moved onto the embattled governor. Speaking directly to Florida residents, she remarked, “Your peacock of a governor made his way on to Fox News and is, you know, showing off his pretty feathers as people and kids are dropping dead in his state. You know, it is the biggest scandal in the country what that governor is doing and he still finds safe harbor on Fox News in prime time. What is happening?”

DeSantis isn’t just getting away with ignoring a health crisis in his state, he is being celebrated for it. At least when it comes to his reception on the Fox News network.



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