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1/6 Committee Target Rep. Jim Banks Busted Trying To Sabotage The Investigation

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is a person of interest in the 1/6 Committee investigation. Rep. Banks has also been sending letters to government agencies falsely claiming to be on the committee.

Rep. Liz Cheney, who actually is on the 1/6 Committee, entered  a letter from Banks to the Department of Interior into the record as evidence:

Rep. Banks was one of Kevin McCarthy’s picks to serve on the 1/6 Committee that Speaker Pelosi vetoed because Banks is one of the members of Congress who is under investigation for either having information or a role in the attack.

It is not difficult to understand why Banks was lying to government agencies. Rep, Banks wants to get out in front of any incriminating evidence against him that might be out there while also sabotaging the 1/6 investigation.

Even if there is not a House rule against what Banks did, he definitely violated House ethics rules and should face an Ethics Committee investigation.

An Ethics Committee investigation is no joke. It can lead to censure or even expulsion from the House.

Republicans are desperate to stop the 1/6 investigation because they don’t want the American people to find out that the attack on the Capitol potentially was an inside job and that Trump’s coup had help from Republicans in Congress.

Rep. Jim Banks abused his power as a sitting member of Congress to undermine the 1/6 investigation.

His behavior is not only corrupt. It should be criminal.

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