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House Democrats Move To Kick Lauren Boebert Off Of Committees

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House Democrats have officially unveiled a resolution to remove Rep. Lauren Boebert from her committee assignments.

Video of the Democrats’ press conference:

Rep. Pressley said, “It brings me great sadness that we have to gather here today to condemn the racist, hateful, and unacceptable behavior of yet another one of our Republican colleagues. It is shameful that we have had to wait this long for meaningful action, for meaningful accountability, but here we are.”


The Democrats stood in solidarity with Rep. Omar and all of the Muslim staffers on Capitol Hill who have been the target of bigotry from House Republicans.

The resolution to remove Rep. Boebert from her committee assignments is straightforward.

Speaker Pelosi did not commit to supporting the resolution at her weekly press conference, but not too much should be read into that. Pelosi is trying to give Minority Leader every opportunity to police his own caucus and enough rope to hang himself with inaction.


The Democrats plan on working with House leadership to get the resolution passed, and Rep. Omar (D-MN) said that Pelosi told her that decisive action would be taken against Boebert.

House Democrats don’t want to be spending their time on discipline racist and violent House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy won’t do his job, so it falls to them.

Boebert’s bigotry must be punished, and if Kevin McCarthy won’t do it, House Democrats will.

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