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The Hosts of “Fox and Friends” Mourn an “American Icon” After Someone Burns Down Fox’s Christmas Tree

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The hosts of “Fox and Friends” have taken things quite personally after a man was brought into custody in connection with the burning of a large Christmas tree outside the Fox building.

“This is personal to you too at home now. The Fox Christmas tree, vandalized. Arson. And that’s personal to you. It’s personal to us. This is an American icon. This is our Christmas tree,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said earlier this morning.


Footage of the Christmas tree burning has circulated since last night.

Earhardt offered consolation for Fox viewers, saying that Fox would “rebuild” the Christmas tree following the suspected arson.

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Do not be deterred. We will not be. We’re going to rebuild it. We’re going to rebuild it and we’re going to build it back better. … Someone did this to spoil our Christmas, but that’s not gonna happen,” she said.


Authorities do not believe the arson attack was politically motivated, a statement that irked PoliticusUSA editor Jason Easley, who earlier this morning opined that the burning gives Fox ammunition for the alleged “War on Christmas,” which has typically characterized much of their coverage around this time of year.

“All sarcasm aside, there is something poetic about a network that has used Christmas as a divisive weapon for years, having their Christmas tree burned to the ground,” he wrote, later adding: “Luckily no one was hurt in the Christmas tree fire, but I can’t wait to see the Fox and Friends gang standing guard with fire extinguishers now through New Year’s Day outside the building to prevent future War on Christmas attacks.”

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