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Martin Luther King III Calls Out Manchin And Sinema’s Filibuster Hypocrisy

The King family held a press conference to call for the passage of voting rights legislation as Martin Luther King III called out Manchin and Sinema’s filibuster hypocrisy.


Martin Luther King III said at a press conference:

No more empty words. Do not tell us what you believe in, show us. History will be watching what happens tomorrow. Black and brown Americans will be watching what happens tomorrow.

In 50 years, students will read about what happens tomorrow and 

know whether our leaders had the integrity to do the right thing. Mr. President, Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, members of the Senate, pass the Freedom To Vote Act now. If you can deliver an infrastructure bill, you can deliver voting rights for Americans. If you do not, there is no bridge in this nation that can hold the weight of that failure.

If Manchin And Sinema Can Pass Infrastructure With 50 Votes, They Can Do The Same For Voting Rights

Sen. Manchin’s reluctance is understandable. He is the only statewide elected Democrat in one of the reddest states in the country, but even he has shown more flexibility on a willingness to change the filibuster rules than Sinema has.


Sen. Sinema is only serving her own political self-interest by opposing changing the filibuster to pass voting rights. She thinks her path to power is to be the new John McCain. She doesn’t seem to care if democracy is in peril. Sinema is more concerned that he own seat might be in peril, which it will be in 2024, no matter what she does, than she is with saving democracy.

Supporting voting rights without supporting changing the filibuster is an empty promise. Martin Luther King III called it out, and Manchin and Sinema are the reason why voting rights have not been passed yet.


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