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When Vaccinated Democrats Like Hillary Clinton Get COVID They Just Have Cold Like Symptoms, But Unvaccinated Republicans Risk Death

Former Senator and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton announced that she has tested positive for COVID and expressed gratitude for the vaccine.

Clinton tweeted:


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also announced that she tested positive for COVID and only has mild cold-like symptoms.

The United States is trying to move beyond the pandemic, but hundreds of Americans are still dying each day of COVID. The pandemic hasn’t gone away. It has just drifted into the background. A 2020 University of Chicago study found that COVID deaths were greater among Fox News viewers who watched Hannity more than any other Fox News show.

The vaccination gap among Democrats and Republicans is still growing.

Hillary Clinton’s positive diagnosis for COVID is a reminder that when vaccinated Democrats get COVID, they get are more likely to experience mild symptoms and avoid illness and death.

When unvaccinated Republicans get COVID, they are at a high risk of death.


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