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Rachel Maddow Nails Sen. Mike Lee For Lying About His Role In Trump’s Coup

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said that Lee’s denials about his role in Trump’s coup are not true and the people of Utah are noticing.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow said of Sen. Lee (R-UT):

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He was advocating it as far back as December 8th 2020, but he told Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, that he didn’t learn about the plan until January 2nd, and he was shocked when he heard about it. It’s just plainly not true. What he represented about how outside this process he was, is just plainly not true.

The text messages, further show that Senator Lee continued to work on and promote that scheme privately, behind the scenes, all the way up until two days before the January 6th attack. He would claim later to know absolutely nothing about it, but he was working behind the scenes trying to get states to effectuate this plan of standing in the fake electors and thereby overturning the election.

Mike Lee was also working to pressure states to not certify the results and to instead send a slate of Trump electors to throw the election into chaos.

Sen. Lee was involved in Trump’s coup. The Salt Lake City Tribune recently published an editorial calling on Lee to come clean.

Mike Lee is guilty of participating in a crime against the United States. If he believed that his actions were legal, he would not be lying about them, and it might up to Justice Department to determine if he committed a crime.

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