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With One Tweet Attacking Roe Protesters, Matt Gaetz Showed Why He’s Probably Going To Federal Prison

Alleged child sex trafficker Rep. Matt Gaetz showed why he is likely going to be indicted with comments attacking pro-choice protesters.

Gaetz tweeted:

Matt Gaetz Is Facing Potential Child Sex Trafficking Charges

Matt Gaetz should not be talking about getting online for love because federal prosecutors have text evidence of Gaetz paying for sex and sex trafficking underage girls.

Federal prosecutors are taking their time putting together the case against Gaetz because they have so much evidence that he is committed so many crimes that they need to sort through everything and are working on building the strongest case possible against the congressman.  Gaetz’s former friends and associates have turned on him and are cooperating with prosecutors.

The tweet by Gaetz says more about him than it does about the women who are on the streets protesting against a Supreme Court majority that is plotting to steal a fundamental right.

For Gaetz, these sorts of tweets are part of his legal defense strategy. He is hoping that he can weather the storm of an indictment and trial if the Trump supporters are with him.

Matt Gaetz is showing the kind of person that he is.

Not only does Matt Gaetz not belong in Congress, but he should also be behind bars.

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