Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows Claims He Never Sought A Pardon, But Refuses To Say It Under Oath

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows denied ever seeking a Trump pardon, but he is refusing to state his denial under oath.

Meadows said through a spokesperson:

If Meadows never sought a pardon for his activities related to overturning the election and the 1/6 attack, it would be no problem for him to testify under oath and publicly to refute  Hutchinson’s testimony.

Any person who was innocent would be running to the committee to clear their name. These statements from proven liars in the Trump administration who have not testified mean nothing.

The corporate media can’t fall into their usual trap of repeating lies as fact just so they don’t appear “biased.” When people are willing to testify under oath and swear that their testimony is true, their statements have more weight than a chief of staff who hides behind a spokesperson and refuses to testify. Mark Meadows is a proven liar, and if he wants to clear up anything that Hutchinson testified to, he can speak to the 1/6 Committee.

His refusal to testify carries more weight than any press release his spokesperson can offer.

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