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Trailer Released For Trump Documentary as Filmmaker-Witness Protected by Armed Guard

Politico obtained a copy of the official two-minute trailer to Unprecedented, the documentary that covers the last months of the Trump campaign and through January of 2021. As such, the access and the recorded events will likely provide critical and compelling evidence.

As of today, there is no release date set beyond “the summer of 2022,” nor is it possible to know whether the Select Committee’s subpoena will move the release of the three-part series back. What is known is that the Select Committee delayed its scheduled hearings until later in July upon obtaining footage from the film. There is also reporting that the Committee is interested in an event that occurred in late September 2020 that seems to capture Don Jr., Eric Trump, and Steve Bannon discussing a plan to retain the presidency even if they lose the election. And last, we know that filmmaker and anticipated witness Alex Holder remains under armed guard. He may be the Committee’s most valuable witness.

There is no “reveal” in the trailer. However, it provides a clear focus on the Trump family (as opposed to aides) and a line uttered by an unknown voice stating that Trump’s plan was always a “dynastic one,” which isn’t shocking but remains chilling. The trailer flashes from interview to interview and one senses the self-importance that reeks from the Trump kids who, quite obviously, also saw this as a dynastic endeavor, their self-impressed nature has never rung clearer.

The trailer also has gripping, film-quality footage of the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, which may provide evidence in specific trials of insurrectionists, but much more importantly, hurls the viewer right into the center of the violence that Trump wanted to lead to the Capitol. The emotional gut punch could push the public and prosecutors that much further toward prosecuting Trump for the battle that occurred that day.

There are also light moments in the trailer. Trump obsesses about the placement of a glass of water.

It will take some time for the Committee to review the movie and the cut video for evidence, we can’t know how much time, but we can sense the urgency. The Committee has momentum.

One element of the trailer is self-evident. The Trumps saw the documentary as a means of promoting themselves, an expensive commercial, and as such, they sound open and unguarded. They certainly never knew it would be reviewed by prosecutors for evidence of sedition. In that sense, the footage could prove to be pure gold to the Committee and prosecutors, providing new evidence with the viewer in the room as it happens. It doesn’t get more compelling.

The trailer is worth watching to get a sense of the Trumps’ attitude in doing the film and the “feel,” as if one was there.

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