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Sen. John Cornyn Admits Republicans Screwed Vets Out Of Healthcare Because They Were Mad At Schumer

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) admitted that Republicans blocked expanded healthcare for veterans because they were mad at Majority Leader Schumer.

Cornyn tweeted:

Chuck Schumer did not break any promises.

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VFW National Director Tim Borland said that it was Republicans who broke their promise, “When I heard the news about the failed PACT Act vote, I was angered. Yesterday, 25 senators who voted for the PACT Act last month changed their vote on the exact same bill. The VFW has said time and time again, that passing the PACT Act will save lives. These 25 senators who broke their promise to veterans are risking more veterans getting sick and dying with every day this is delayed. These senators need to remember that it is the veteran that paid the price for their freedoms, the life they live, and the fresh air that they breathe. Our team in D.C. is mobilizing our grassroots efforts to let these senators know the VFW will hold them accountable if they fail to honor their promise. We will not let the voices of veterans sick and dying from toxic exposure be ignored. Every veteran counts.”

Sen. Cornyn made it clear that Republicans were acting out of anger when they voted against the PACT Act because they were upset about Manchin and Schumer’s deal on reconciliation.
Republicans are making up bogus excuses about Democratic promises. There were no Democratic promises. Schumer and Manchin have both made reference to their negotiations for more than a year. The timing of the announcement was a surprise, but Republicans won’t admit the truth.
Senate Republicans screwed over veterans and denied them expanded healthcare because they were mad at Schumer and Manchin.

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