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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims MSNBC Is Trying To Kill Her

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thinks MSNBC is trying to get her killed by reporting on her.


Greene said on Steve Bannon’s podcast, “These people saying things like that. They’re going to cause me to get killed. If something happens to me, my blood will be on their shoulders. It will be their responsibility. The liars in the media are the biggest enemy we have…The liars in the media, here’s one thing, you think about this, the freedom of the press is not the freedom to lie, and that is the absolute truth.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been ranting about MSNBC ever since Rachel Maddow exposed the racism and anti-Semitism behind her Christian Nationalism.

MSNBC is not going to get Marjorie Taylor Greene killed. It is not a coincidence that as the midterm election has shifted away from them, Republicans have turned up the fear and paranoia that they are attempting to activate in their supporters.

Rep. Greene’s brand of politics can’t function without an enemy, which is why she has locked in on MSNBC and is claiming that journalism will get her killed. Greene doesn’t have to worry about losing her seat in the House, but her dreams of being in the majority and having power could be vanishing, which is why she is going back to that old Republican chestnut of attacking the media.

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