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Marco Rubio Becomes The Second Senator to Slow Down Leadership Vote As Anti-McConnell Movement Building

So Rick Scott, whose aspirations know no bounds, seems to be eyeing a run at leadership in the Republican Senate, and now his statemate, Marco Rubio, has come out with support for delaying the vote, thought to favor McConnell. It has already been noted today that Josh Hawley put the loss of the Senate squarely on Mitch McConnell’s shoulders, another observation that makes no sense unless one is trying to push McConnell out of leadership. According to Florida Politics:

A second Florida Senator seems willing to consider life in the GOP caucus after Mitch McConnell’s leadership. Fresh off a decisive win Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted Friday that the “Senate GOP leadership vote next week should be postponed.”

This comes as other Senators, including Rick Scott, circulate a petition to that effect. Rubio’s tweet was attaboyed by U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz:

The Rubio call for delay comes just hours after a knockdown of Scott in Politico, which outlined Scott’s intentions to mount a wild-card challenge to McConnell if the GOP had gotten a clear-cut Senate majority Tuesday night.

There certainly is an inner war for control of the GOP. It’s no secret that Trump and the MAGAs (Not sure where DeSantis stands on it) do not like McConnell and the more traditional Republicans but now would be an odd time to oust McConnell in favor of the very same type of people that seemed to lose the last election.

If the public said anything, it said it wanted a little less “maga” and Trump, and a little bit more grown-up, McConnell (much has he’s detested, stealing three SCOTUS seats). He is not Trump.

The biggest interest the GOP should have right now is in getting the Trump “November 15th Announcement” (for the presidency) put off until after the Georgia run-off, especially if it is for control of the Senate. Unless they can all get their message together enough to do that, it is hard to see them being nothing but “Republicans in Dissaray” as Jason Easley wrote earlier, for quite some time.

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