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Long Knives Out for RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Gov. Kristi Noem Calls for Ouster

Governor Kristi Noem wants Ronna McDaniel gone, saying there is only so much losing that one can tolerate before… They need to win. That’s just a fact.

“Listen, Sean. We need to win. I mean, that’s just the fact. Our kids’ future depends on it. So, you know, we really all have a responsibility to message what Republican policies bring to this country.

“And I don’t know a party that can continue to lose like we have and keep their jobs. Everybody needs to evaluate what we are doing. Is it effective and are we messaging truly that our policies work?” – South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, taking a shot at Ronna McDaniel.

Is it bad messaging that policies work, or very good messaging about policies and values that do not work? One could argue that they’ve done too good a job getting out what they value and want. More Below:

Kristi Noem is perhaps the perfect person to be complaining about losing because people don’t hear the message that Republican policies work. It is awfully easy to sit in South Dakota, where the white, rural, conservative residents nod in agreement about Republican policies. It is quite another to do it in Georgia or Arizona, where society isn’t so homogenous and rural. In states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, the Republican policies seem to be the problem, and the better the messaging, the worse it gets.

But Ronna McDaniel is not a sympathetic figure, and it does seem as though there will be a race to replace her with Rep. Lee Zeldin and even Mike Lindell, among others who may express interest.



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