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Friend Off Mark Meadows Goes Down For Illegal Campaign Contribution

A friend of Mark Meadows, who ran for his former House seat, will plead guilty to accepting an illegal campaign contribution.

Politico reported:

Lynda Bennett, who lost in a 2020 Republican primary campaign to Madison Cawthorn, accepted a contribution from a family member exceeding $25,000, according to charging paperwork filed by prosecutors. That contribution was given “in the name of another person,” according to the papers, signed by U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves and Corey Amundson, chief of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section.

Details about the allegation were sparse. Prosecutors asked U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper on Monday to set a hearing for Bennett to formally enter the plea agreement in federal court in Washington, D.C. But they indicated she had signed the paperwork.

It is not a coincidence that these sorts of crimes always seem to pop up near Trump and his associates like Mark Meadows. Since the Supreme Court gutted U.S. campaign finance law with the Citizens United decision, a candidate’s violation of the law has to be egregious to get caught.

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One of the biggest jokes in recent American politics has been that Trump and his cronies will drain the swamp. They are the swamp.

The United States desperately needs campaign finance reform. Ideally, publicly funded elections would get the money out of politics and theoretically make candidates and elected officials more responsive to voters and constituents. A strong democracy requires both campaign finance reform and the protection of voting rights because elections should belong to the people not those with the biggest checkbooks.

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