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Hakeem Jeffries Humiliates Kevin McCarthy By Catching Him In A Huge Lie

Kevin McCarthy went on national television and lied about Hakeem Jeffries, so the House Democratic Leader called him out.


Face The Nation played a clip of McCarthy saying on Fox News Sunday, “I think there’s going to be a lot of Democrats that will vote for it too. Right now the Democrats are very upset. The one thing told me Hakeem, there’s not one thing in the bill for them, not one thing in the bill for Democrats. “

Jeffries responded, “I have no idea what he’s talking about particularly, because I have not been able to review the actual legislative texts. All that we’ve reached is is an agreement in principle.”

Face The Nation’s Margaret Brennan asked, “Did you even talk to him?”

Jeffries answered, ” I talked to him yesterday afternoon.  I haven’t talked to him since that point in time. What I have consistently said, however, privately and publicly, was that the extreme MAGA Republican negotiating position and that, dream bill that they’ve passed on April 26th, the Default An America Act, contained nothing that was consistent with democratic values or American values. It was unreasonable to think that that negotiating position is going to be able to result in a resolution that would make sense for the American people when he understood and everyone understood that a bipartisan resolution was the only way forward to avoid a catastrophic default.”

Jeffries hasn’t seen the legislative text or spoken to McCarthy since the deal was reached, so Kevin McCarthy made up his quote from Hakeem Jeffries.

Kevin McCarthy lied. McCarthy also lied about there being nothing in the agreement for Democrats. Speaker McCarthy has to lie to sell this deal to his caucus because his job is on the line.

If House Republicans figure out what an epic cave job McCarthy pulled, they will launch a motion to vacate and could  boot him out of the speakership.

Kevin McCarthy lied and Hakeem Jeffries didn’t let him get away with it.

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