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Eric Swalwell Cuts Through The Republican BS And Explains The Leaked Trump Tape In 2 Sentences

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:07 pm

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) explained the reality of the leak Trump tape in two sentences that debunks all of the GOP excuses.

Swalwell tweeted:

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Republicans want to make the tape complicated because they are trying to excuse Trump. As Rep. Swalwell lays it out, there is nothing complicated about what Donald Trump did. The former president stole military secrets and shared them. Trump took classified documents that belonged to the United States government and shared them with people who also did not have proper security clearances.

It is a very simple crime that the former president confesses to on tape.

There is already a great deal of Republican hemming and hawing while attempting to change the subject to Hunter Biden, but Hunter Biden did steal state secrets. Hunter Biden didn’t share classified information with other people. The threat to American national security and the lives of military personnel is not Hunter Biden.

The threat is Donald Trump, and anyone who attempts to minimize or explain away that threat is enabling a threat to national security and putting the lives of Americans at risk.

Donald Trump committed a crime. He is on tape confessing to the crime and anyone who tries to shift the framing of the situation for partisan political gain is betraying their own country.


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