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Ted Lieu Obliterates The GOP Lie That The DOJ Is Out To Get Trump

Through a series of basic questions to FBI Director Chris Wray, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) debunked the GOP claim that the DOJ is out to get Trump through a two-tiered system of justice.



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Lieu: I’m going to ask you a series of basic questions to get facts out, the American people, about our system of justice. Trump advisor Roger Stone was convicted in a federal court. Correct?

Wray: And that’s my recollection.

Lieu: Trump donor Elliot Brady was convicted in a federal court, correct?

Wray: Also, my recollection.

Lieu: The attorney general at the time for those two convictions was Bill Barr, which president nominated Barr for attorney general?

Wray: President Trump.

Lieu: Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, was convicted on two separate occasions in a federal court, correct?

Wray: I believe that’s correct.

Lieu: The attorney general at the time for Cohen’s second conviction was Matthew Whitaker, which president appointed Matthew Whitaker, acting attorney general?

Wray: President Trump.

Lieu: Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul manafort, was convicted in. Federal court, correct?

Wray: Yes.

Lieu: Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, Mr. Gates, was convicted in a federal court, correct?

Wray: That’s my recollection.

Trump’s campaign, foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos was convicted and in federal court, correct?

Wray: Yes. He pled guilty.

Lieu: The attorney general at the time of those three cases was Jeff Sessions, which president nominated Jeff Sessions for attorney general?

Wray: President Trump.

Lieu: You were there, FBI director for all of those at the time. Which president nominated you?

Wray: President Trump.

Lieu: Okay. What these facts show is we don’t have a tiered system of justice. We have one Department of Justice that goes after criminals regardless of party ideology. All of these folks were convicted under the administrations of three separate Republican attorneys general. It is not the fault of the FBI that Donald Trump surrounded himself with criminals. Donald Trump brought that upon himself. Thank you to the FBI for exposing this cesspool of corruption.

There Is A Two-Tiered System Of Justice, But It Is Helping Trump Not Hurting Him

Rep. Lieu was correct. There is no anti-Trump/Republican two-tiered system of justice. There is a two-tiered system of justice that benefits the rich and famous like Trump. Who else could argue that they can’t be put on trial until the end of 2024 because they are running for president? If running for president was all it took to delay a trial, every alleged criminal in the country would be announcing their campaign today.

Who else would the DOJ give a year and a half to comply with a request to please return stolen classified information? If Trump was anyone else, he would have been behind bars a year ago.

Trump has already been given every break imaginable that other people would never get. Yet, Republicans want more.

Rep, Lieu nailed it. It isn’t the FBI’s fault that Trump surrounded himself with criminals. Equal application of the law to everyone is the standard that Republicans are trying to destroy, because if Trump is held accountable their fragile and teetering political party will crumble.

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