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The Trump Effort To Impeach Fani Willis Is Doomed

MAGA Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore launched an effort to call a special session of the Georgia legislature to impeach Fani Willis, but his plot is already dead.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

State Sen. Colton Moore is behind a doomed petition to force a special legislative session to remove Willis. While Moore’s initiative stands no chance of passing – it needs bipartisan support, and even Republicans have rejected his idea – it has gained attention in far-right media.

Moore tried to grab a larger share of the spotlight on Thursday by speaking with dozens of reporters staking out the Fulton County Jail, where he criticized Gov. Brian Kemp for not unilaterally calling a special session to rebuke Willis.

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“The governor could call the special session immediately if he wants to. Unfortunately, all he’s done is make a tweet and make this all about the 2020 election,” Moore said of Kemp’s recent rebuke of Trump for spreading lies.

The movement to hold a special legislative session to impeach Willis got conservative media buzzing, but it was never going anywhere. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp seems to have no interest in lifting a finger to help Trump in the case, and there are several Republicans in Georgia have defended Willis as a prosecutor with integrity.

Beneath the surface, there are several high-level elected Republicans who have been enraged by Trump’s smearing of their elections, and it seems that they wouldn’t mind if Trump were held accountable for his actions in their state.

There isn’t going to be a special session. Fani Willis isn’t going to be impeached, but Jim Jordan is abusing his power to try to investigate her in the House.

Trump may have run into a situation in Georgia that he can’t wiggle out of.

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