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Melania Trump Apparently Refused To Ride With Donald Trump At Her Mother’s Funeral

Last updated on January 21st, 2024 at 12:42 am

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Video shows Melania Trump getting into a car then seemed to tell Donald Trump to take a second car.

Video and picture from Ron Filipkowski’s Twitter account:

These Are The People That Republicans Want To Return To The White House

Trump tried to use the funeral to get a delay in the E. Jean Carroll second defamation trial against the former president. It seems that Trump didn’t need a trial delay because his own wife didn’t want him there.

As president, Trump’s White House staff tried to keep him away from grieving people because reportedly only made situations worse with his presence. It speaks volumes about Trump that his wife in a time of grief appeared to want him far away from her.

House Republicans are trying to impeach Joe Biden for standing by, and supporting his son, as he spiraled into addiction after his brother died, and the Trumps are what they are offering to America as a replacement for the Biden family.

There seems to be zero warmth and affection between Melania and Donald Trump.

The American people should not be holding up this collection of dysfunction as its first family to the rest of the world.

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