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Recent Study Confirms US Ranks Dead Last in Healthcare Outcomes

Medicare for all. That very phrase has the potential to produce several very palpable responses. Republicans are, naturally, opposed to…

6 months ago

Editorial: Merrick Garland Must Prosecute Criminal Former Trump Admin Officials to Save Democracy

The only way to stop the next Trump administration is to prosecute the last one.

6 months ago

The Proposed New ‘Fox Weather’ Has Scientists Concerned

Not content promulgating "climate change hoax" lies on its regular platform, it has decided to add a 24-hour weather channel…

7 months ago

Commentary: Brett Kavanaugh Taught Women We Don’t Matter But Justice Might Prevail

Here is to all of you out there who have somehow held on during the reign of terror, who feel…

11 months ago

Congressional and Senate Republicans Who Incited Traitorous Attack Must Be Removed and Tried for Sedition

The Patriotic Millionaires issued a statement calling for those members of the House and Senate who incited with Trump the…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Won’t Go Silently From The White House, But Go He Will

This is his first real go at reality as an adult, and he's way too emotionally incapable of making this…

1 year ago

There Are No Democrats In Disarray Just 2020 Corporate Media Failure

The following is a PoliticusUSA editorial by Editor in Chief Sarah Jones. President-elect Joe Biden received more votes than any…

1 year ago

Editorial: Emboldened Trump Is Now Openly Colluding with a Foreign Country to Cheat in 2020

There is too much at stake for the public to be clinging to impeachment unicorns. It's clear that impeachment will…

2 years ago

Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Lies Are So Much More Than Just Another Trump Scandal

This might seem like just another Trump scandal, another horrible person he’s put into power, but it’s so much more…

2 years ago

When Calling for Impeachment Don’t Forget About Vulnerable People Under Attack

It would be a lie to tell you that I don't think this president deserves to be impeached, or that…

3 years ago

Women were there for you; Will you be there for us?

Stand up for women like you stand up for any other cause: We are real, we are right here, and…

3 years ago

Editorial: Stay Connected To Reality In The Face Of Trump’s Mueller Report Lies

People need to stay resolute about reality, demand that news networks stop playing Trump’s lies without correcting them first

3 years ago

Nancy Pelosi Is The Perfect Salve For Trump’s Sexist Criminal Chaos

Pelosi is not just doing her job to finally put a constitutional check on this presidency -- this crime and…

3 years ago

Nancy Pelosi Won the Wall Battle For America And The People

Those who claim this was a fight between parties are ignoring that one party was doing the will of the…

3 years ago

It’s Time To Publicly Shame Trump And The Russia Scandal Liars

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA's co-publisher Sarah Jones. The day before a judge admonished Trump's former National Security…

3 years ago

I Went to the Tree of Life Synagogue and What I Found Surprised Me

I went to the Tree of Life Synagogue on Friday to follow up on the horrific slaughter of eleven innocent…

3 years ago

Vote With Your Remote: Tell The Media To Stop Pushing Trump Caravan Lies

The media is going to continue to help Trump push his caravan lies until you tell them to stop by…

3 years ago

Reality Check: It’s not a ‘Liberal Mob’ It’s Right Wing Terrorism and It’s Dangerous

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA's co-publisher Sarah Jones. The mob is real; it's Republican, and it's dangerous. The…

3 years ago

This is War: Women Are In Pain and Republicans Are Mocking Us

But by Monday, I knew it was a lifetime war. Tuesday I knew I would get there. And I will.

3 years ago

A Sexual Assault Survivor Explains Things Slowly to GOP Rapist Enablers

People tell me I can't speak about this because I am biased. I disagree. I have mentioned this in passing…

3 years ago

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