Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. Finally Got Something From His Dad (It’s Coronavirus)

Donald Trump Jr. is in isolation after being the latest Republican to get coronavirus for his father's superspreader events.

5 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. Latest Republican With Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is rampaging throughout the country. The disease has also made its way through the White House with…

5 days ago

Michael Cohen Says Either Trump Or His Kids Will Go To Jail Once They Leave The White House

Efforts by Donald Trump to overturn the results of the election are about more than soothing his battered ego.

2 weeks ago

Republicans Are Turning On Each Other As Donald Trump Jr. Attacks The GOP

The public finger-pointing has begun as Donald Trump Jr. is accusing Republicans who want to run for president in 2024…

3 weeks ago

Donald Trump Jr. Loses It And Looks Ready To Cry On Fox News

Donald Trump Jr. got emotional and looked to be on the verge of crying as he talked about the failed…

4 weeks ago

Donald Trump Jr. Falsely Claims Biden’s Campaign is “The Most Anti-2nd Amendment in History”

Donald Trump Jr. claimed Democrat Joe Biden's campaign is "the most anti-2nd Amendment Presidential ticket in history." "Make no mistake…

1 month ago

Don Jr. Holds Packed Indoor Superspreader Rally As His Sick Dad Quarantines In The White House

As Donald Trump Jr. holds superspreader campaign rallies, his dad is sick and the White House is a COVID hot…

2 months ago

25th Amendment Time As Donald Trump Jr. Says His Dad Is Acting Crazy

Donald Trump Jr. is fighting with the rest of his family because he thinks that his father is acting crazy…

2 months ago

Michael Cohen Says Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump All Evaded Taxes

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said that Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump are all involved in their dad's scheme…

2 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Says You Have To Worship Trump To Be A Real American

Donald Trump Jr. complained about the number of celebrities at the Democratic convention and said that real Americans support the…

3 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Flops At GOP Convention With Laughably Bad Speech

Donald Trump Jr. poorly delivered a fantasy speech divorced from reality with glassy eyes that was so bad, it was…

3 months ago

The Senate Made A Criminal Referral Of Donald Trump Jr. And Jared Kushner To Prosecutors

The Senate Intelligence Committee made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner to federal prosecutors in 2019.

3 months ago

Trump Family Members May Have Lied During Russia Testimony, Bipartisan Senate Leaders Say

The Senate Intelligence Committee raised concerns about testimony given by some of Trump's family members during the Russia investigation.

3 months ago

Senate Republicans Dig Trump’s Grave With Hunter Biden Probe

Senate Republicans are getting desperate and trying to investigate Hunter Biden, which could backfire into an investigation of Trump's kids.

4 months ago

Donald Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Tests Positive For Coronavirus Before Mount Rushmore Event

Trump campaign official and Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, Kim Guilfoyle tested positive for coronavirus at Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump's…

5 months ago

The Trump Family Takes 1,000 More Trips Per Year Than The Obamas Did

Donald Trump Jr. charged taxpayers more than $75,000 for a hunting trip to Mongolia last summer so he could hunt…

6 months ago

Trump Campaign Is Secretly Funneling $360K A Year To Don Jr.’s Girlfriend And Eric Trump’s Wife

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is funneling tens of thousands of dollars per month to Don Jr.'s girlfriend and Eric Trump's…

7 months ago

Trumps Took More Trips Last Fiscal Year That Required Secret Service Protection Than Obama Did in Seven

The Trump family took more trips in the last fiscal year that required protection from the Secret Service than the…

8 months ago

Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump’s Family Of Grifters

Donald Trump and his family's grifting will never stop. Neither should the aggressive oversight by Democrats in the House.

8 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Republican Senators On Vote For Witnesses

Donald Trump Jr. made a clear threat to moderate Senate Republicans and warned them against voting for witnesses outside of…

10 months ago

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